2023 Event Details

Naptown Challenge

June 26-28, 2023

Event Details

Game Rules




  • 2025 division will play with an NCAA shot clock 
  • 2026 – 2031 divisions – Referees’ discretion to impose a 30-second count (“Timer On”) and require a shot on goal if it is determined a team is stalling 
  • No Dives 


  • Faceoff personnel must have color tape 
  • SNG: Stand-Up Neutral Grip 


  • Last 2 minutes of game is stop time.  
  • Penalty time is stop time, always 
  • Time (penalty, game, half) will be kept at the score table. 
  • Each team has 2 timeouts per game (Clock stops) 


  • Monday: Two 22-minute running halves 
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Four 12-minute running quarters 


  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 22-minute running halves 



  • 1, 4-minute sudden victory period. If no one scores, game will end in a tie. 
  • Each team has 1 timeout in overtime. Clock stops. 

Tuesday & Wednesday 

  • 1 continuous untimed sudden victory period until there is a winner 
  • Each team has 1 timeout in overtime 

Any player, fan, or coach ejected from the game will be prohibited from competing in his/her team’s next game. Decisions on the field will be the final ruling. Any fighting or flagrant disrespect toward an official will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament. No Exceptions, No Refunds. 

Pool Seeding

2025-2028 (High School)

High School teams will play 2 games on Monday. Each Division has a selection committee who will watch the teams play. The committee will then seed their respective divisions. All teams will be seeded in the Championship Bracket that begins play on Tuesday morning. Most teams will play at least 3 games on Tuesday. Teams who receive a first-round bye may only play 2 games on Tuesday if they lose their first or second game. 

Championships will occur on Wednesday starting at 12:00 pm and occurring every 2 hours until last game starts at 6:00 pm. Any team that does not play in all scheduled games will not be invited to attend Naptown the following year.  All teams are expected to participate in all games on Tuesday, regardless of Championship bracket outcome.

2029-2031 (Youth)

Youth teams will be placed in Pools prior to the start of play. On Monday teams will participate in Pool games. All teams will then be seeded at the end of pool play on Monday. All teams will be seeded in the Championship Bracket that starts play on Tuesday morning with the Championship game played on Wednesday morning at Annapolis HS.

Pool Seeding (Youth Teams)

In the case of ties in the final standings for pool play, the following process will be used until all ties are broken and the seeding process is completed (ties will be broken in rank order beginning with the first procedure). If more than two teams are tied for a pool seed, once one team is removed from the tie, the seeding criteria reverts to the beginning of the procedure for the remaining teams tied.

Tie Breaker Procedure:

  1. Head to Head.
  2. Record vs Team(s) tied with.
  3. Total goals against teams tied with, only games involving teams tied with.
  4. Goal differential with teams tied with (goal differential will not exceed +/- 7 per game).
  5. Total goals against versus common opponents.
  6. Goal differential versus common opponents (goal differential will not exceed +/- 7 per game).
  7. Goals against overall.
  8. Goal differential overall.
  9. Coin flip.

Any 2029-2031 team that plays 4 games on Monday, the 4th game will not count toward their pool play record, GA, GD. The game does count for their opponent.

Divisional Seeding (Youth Teams):

Divisional seeding will follow below criteria after pool seeding is determined.

  1. Seed in pool
  2. Overall Record
  3. Goals Against Average
  4. Goal Differential (goal differential will not exceed +/- 7 per game).
Naptown Challenge Schedule


We recommend that all coaches, athletes and parents download the Tourney Machine App.  Please remember to turn on alerts and notifications from Tourney Machine to receive all updates to schedule changes and scores.


Maryland SoccerPlex

18031 Central Park Circle,
Boyds, MD 28041


Blandair Park/Oakland Mills High School

5750 Oakland Mills Road,
Columbia, MD 21045


Bell Branch Athletic Complex

1150 Barbara Swann Way
Gambrills, MD 21054


Annapolis High School

2700 Riva Rd
Annapolis, MD 21401

Liberty Sports Park

220 Prince George’s Boulevard
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774