Naptown Challenge

June 26-28, 2023

Purchase tickets below for the Naptown Challenge High School Championship games at Navy-Marine Corp Stadium – Wednesday, June 28. Individual tickets and suites available. 



June 26-28, 2023

Annapolis, MD

Game format


  • Monday: 2 games, then seeded by committee
  • Tuesday: at least 3 Championship Bracket games, except for teams with first round byes
  • Wednesday: Semi-Finals at Annapolis HS and Finals at Navy Stadium
    • 2027 Semi-Finals 9:00 am on ESPN+, Finals 12:00 pm on ESPNU
    • 2026 Semi-Finals 10:15 am on ESPN+, Finals 2:00 pm on ESPNU
    • 2025 Semi-Finals 11:30 am on ESPN+, Finals 4:00 pm on ESPNU
    • 2024 Semi-Finals 12:45 pm on ESPN+, Finals 6:00 pm on ESPNU


  • Monday: 3 Pool games, then seeded by Pool play
  • Tuesday: at least 2 Championship Bracket games
  • Wednesday: Championship games at Annapolis HS
    • 9:00 am, 2030 on ESPN+
    • 10:15 am, 2029 on ESPN+
    • 11:30 am, 2028 on ESPN+


  • 2027-2024- $5,000
  • 2030-2028- $2,200

Payment schedule

  • 2023 Payment Schedule – Teams may pay Naptown National Challenge registration fee in three installments, based on the following schedule
PaymentDateHigh SchoolYouth
DepositUpon Registration$500$500
Payment 211/1/22$1,500$1,000
Payment 33/1/23$3,000$700




  • 2024, all players in 11th grade or lower during the 2022-2023 school year
  • 2025, all players in 10th grade or lower during the 2022-2023 school year
  • 2026, all players in 9th grade or lower during the 2022-2023 school year
  • 2027, all players in 8th grade or lower during the 2022-2023 school year
  • 2028, all players in 7th grade or lower during the 2022-2023 school year
  • 2029, all players in 6th grade or lower during the 2022-2023 school year
  • 2030, all players in 5th grade or lower during the 2022-2023 school year

Divisions 2024, 2025 and 2026 are now waitlisted. 

Division (Rostered)Team Name
High School - 20242024 Legacy TAZ
High School - 20242024 Thunder National
High School - 20242Way 2024 Black
High School - 20243d Colorado 2024 AA
High School - 20243d Georgia 2024 Red
High School - 20244 Leaf 2024 Army
High School - 2024ADVNC NDP 2024
High School - 2024Annapolis Hawks 2024 Green
High School - 2024BBL National 2024
High School - 2024Blackwolf 2024/2025
High School - 2024California Gold
High School - 2024Carolina Miners 2024
High School - 2024DC Express 2024 Black
High School - 2024Denver Elite 2024 Silver
High School - 2024FLC National 2024 Blue
High School - 2024FLC National 2024 Pink
High School - 2024Haymakers 2024
High School - 2024Mad Dog 2024
High School - 2024Nationals LC 2024
High School - 2024NE Raiders 2024
High School - 2024Next Level 2024 Blue
High School - 2024NXT 2024 Mamba
High School - 2024Orange Crush 2024
High School - 2024Predators 2024
High School - 2024Premier Nationals
High School - 2024Prime Time 2024
High School - 2024Project Midwest 2024
High School - 2024ProStart 2024 Blue
High School - 2024Richmond Hawks 2024
High School - 2024Rush 2024 Havoc
High School - 2024S2S 2024 Vikings
High School - 2024Silverbacks 2024
High School - 2024Sweetlax Navy
High School - 2024Team Eighteen 2024/25
High School - 2024Tri-State 2024
High School - 2024True Carolina 2024 Premier AA
High School - 2024True IL 2024 Premier AA
High School - 2024True OH 2024 Black
High School - 2024UNRL 2024
High School - 2024Yellowhammer Lacrosse
High School - 20252025 Legacy Rush Red
High School - 20252025 Thunder National
High School - 20252Way 2025 Black
High School - 20253d Colorado 2025 AA
High School - 20253d Garden State 2025 AA
High School - 20253d Georgia 2025 Red
High School - 20253D Upstate 2025
High School - 20254 Leaf 2025 Army
High School - 2025ADVNC NDP 2025
High School - 2025Annapolis Hawks 2025 Green
High School - 2025BBL National 2025
High School - 2025California Gold
High School - 2025Carolina Miners 2025
High School - 2025Cavalry Lacrosse 2025
High School - 2025DC Express 2025 Black
High School - 2025Delco Lacross Club
High School - 2025Evolve Elite Canada
High School - 2025FCA MD 2025
High School - 2025FLC National 2025
High School - 2025Igloo Northface 2025
High School - 2025Mad Dog 2025
High School - 2025Mad Dog 2025 Black
High School - 2025Nationals LC 2025
High School - 2025NE Raiders 2025
High School - 2025Next Level 2025 Blue
High School - 2025NXT 2025
High School - 2025Orange Crush 2025
High School - 2025Predators 2025
High School - 2025Premier Nationals
High School - 2025Prime Time 2025
High School - 2025Project Midwest 2025
High School - 2025ProStart 2025 Blue
High School - 2025Regulators
High School - 2025Richmond Hawks 2025AA
High School - 2025S2S 2025 Hawks
High School - 2025Silverbacks 2025
High School - 2025Sweetlax Navy
High School - 2025Team TEN 2025
High School - 2025Tri-State 2025
High School - 2025True Chesapeake 2025
High School - 2025True IL 2025 Premier AA
High School - 2025True IN 2025AAA
High School - 2025True OH 2025 Black
High School - 2025UNRL 2025
High School - 20262026 Northeast Select
High School - 20262026 Thunder National
High School - 20262Way 2026 Black
High School - 20263d Garden State 2026 AA
High School - 20263d Georgia 2026 Red
High School - 20263D Upstate 2026
High School - 20264 Leaf 2026 Army
High School - 2026ADVNC NDP 2026 NORTH
High School - 2026ADVNC NDP 2026 SOUTH
High School - 2026Annapolis Hawks 2026 Green
High School - 2026Average Joes
High School - 2026BBL National 2026
High School - 2026California Gold
High School - 2026Cavalry Club 2026
High School - 2026DC Express 2026 Black
High School - 2026Evolve Elite Canada
High School - 2026FLC National 2026
High School - 2026Mad Dog 2026
High School - 2026Madlax National
High School - 2026Nationals LC 2026
High School - 2026NCF Triad 2026 Red
High School - 2026NE Raiders 2026
High School - 2026Next Level 2026 Blue
High School - 2026NXT 2026
High School - 2026Orange Crush 2026
High School - 2026Piatelli Lacrosse 2026 RED
High School - 2026Premier Nationals
High School - 2026Prime Time 2026
High School - 2026Project Midwest 2026
High School - 2026Richmond Hawks 2026AA
High School - 2026Sweetlax Navy
High School - 2026Team TEN 2026
High School - 2026Texas Nationals
High School - 2026Tommyknockers 2026
High School - 2026Towermen Lacrosse
High School - 2026Tri-State 2026
High School - 2026True Chesapeake 2026
High School - 2026True IL 2026 Premier AA
High School - 2026True IN 2026AAA
High School - 2026True OH 2026 Black
High School - 2026True PA 2026
High School - 2026UNRL 2026
High School - 20272027 Thunder National
High School - 20273d Garden State 2027 AA
High School - 20273d Georgia 2027 Red
High School - 2027ADVNC NDP 2027
High School - 2027Annapolis Hawks 2027
High School - 2027BBL National 2027
High School - 2027California Gold
High School - 2027Eighteen National 2027
High School - 2027Evolve Elite Canada
High School - 2027FLC National 2027
High School - 2027Mad Dog 2027
High School - 2027Madlax National
High School - 2027Nationals LC 2027
High School - 2027NE Raiders 2027
High School - 2027NXT 2027 Black
High School - 2027Premier Nationals
High School - 2027Project Midwest 2027
High School - 2027Red Hots National
High School - 2027Richmond Hawks 2027AA
High School - 2027Sweetlax Navy
High School - 2027Team TEN 2027
High School - 2027True Nationals 2027 Black
Youth - 20283d Garden State 2028 AA
Youth - 20283d Georgia 2028 Red
Youth - 2028ADVNC NDP 2028
Youth - 2028Annapolis Hawks 2028 Green
Youth - 2028FLC National 2028
Youth - 2028Hit Squad
Youth - 2028Mad Dog 2028
Youth - 2028Madlax National
Youth - 2028Nationals LC 2028
Youth - 2028NE Raiders 2028
Youth - 2028NXT 2028 Black
Youth - 2028Project Midwest 2028
Youth - 2028Red Hots
Youth - 2028Rhino ATL 2028
Youth - 2028Sweetlax Navy
Youth - 2028Team 91 Georgia 2028
Youth - 2028Team Eighteen 2028
Youth - 2028Texas Nationals
Youth - 2028USA West 2028
Youth - 20292029 Thunder Blue
Youth - 20293d Garden State 2029 AA
Youth - 2029ADVNC NDP 2029
Youth - 2029Alcatraz Outlaws 2029
Youth - 2029Annapolis Hawks 2029 Green
Youth - 2029BBL National 2029
Youth - 2029Mad Dog 2029
Youth - 2029Madlax National
Youth - 2029Nationals LC 2029
Youth - 2029NE Raiders 2029
Youth - 2029NXT 2029 Black
Youth - 2029Premier Nationals
Youth - 2029Stealth 2029 Raptors
Youth - 2029Sweetlax Navy
Youth - 2029True Nationals 2029 Black
Youth - 2029True Nationals 2029 Green
Youth - 2030ADVNC NDP 2030
Youth - 2030Annapolis Hawks 2030
Youth - 2030BBL National 2030
Youth - 2030Dawgs LC 2030
Youth - 2030Igloo 2030 Black Ice 2.0
Youth - 2030Mad Dog 2030
Youth - 2030Madlax National
Youth - 2030Nationals LC 2030
Youth - 2030NXT 2030 Black
Youth - 2030Orange Crush 2030
Youth - 2030Premier Nationals
Youth - 2030Sidewinders 2030
Youth - 2030Sweetax Navy
Youth - 2030Team Baltimore
Youth - 2030True Nationals 2030 Black
Youth - 2030True Nationals 2030 Green
Youth - 2030USA West 2030
Andrew WhitleyBellarmine University
Nick MarksBellarmine University
Jim MitchellBellarmine University
Kevin McKeownBinghampton University
Tyler PerelleBinghamton University
Nick GrillBinghamton University
Rory FinneganBoston University
Ryan PolleyBoston University
Mike SilipoBoston University
Judd LattimoreBoston University
Keith EukerBoston University
Colin PiperBoston University
Bett HolmBrown University
John SvecBrown University
Travis HarringtonBryant University
Frank FedorjakaBucknell University
Conor WhippleBucknell University
Matt DuganBucknell University
Ryan DenehyBucknell University
Mark MiyashitaCanisius College
Pereh MarhsCanisius College
Derek MarksCanisius College
Matt KarweckColgate University
Andrew VasslerColgate University
Jordan StevensCornell University
Jordan StevensCornell University
Poalo OferriCornell University
Matt DuganDarmouth College
Brendan CallahanDartmouth College
Tucker DurkinDrexel University
Ron CaputoDuke University
Matt DanowskiDuke University
John DanowskiDuke University
Ron CaputoDuke University
Colin HulmeFairfield University
Charles GiuntaFairfield University
Kevin WarneGeorgetown University
David ShriverGeorgetown University
Matt RyanHarford Community College
Stephen ToomeyHarvard University
Neil HutchinsonHarvard University
Jordan DrumnellerHendrix Follege
Pat TracyHigh Point University
Kenny BroschartHigh Point University
Justin TumaHigh Point University
Jon TorpeyHigh Point University
Peet PoillonHobart College
Kyle TurriHobart College
Stephen BrundageHobart College
John GormanHofstra University
Peter BurkeHoly Cross University
Keith EukerHoly Cross University
JL ReppertHoly Cross University
Ryan LiebelJacksonville University
John GallowayJacksonville University
Peter MillimanJohn’s Hopkins University
Jamison KoestererJohns Hopkins University
John CranleyJohns Hopkins University
Jud HallLafayatte College
Pat MyersLafayette College
Kevin CassesseLehigh University
Tommy CompitelloLehigh University
Will ScudderLehigh University
Matt FrancisLehigh University
Ryan CromptonLenoir Ryhne
Charley ToorneyLoyola University MD
Marc VanArsduleLoyola University MD
Matt DwanLoyola University MD
Charley ToomeyLoyola University MD
JD ColarussoMarist
Keagan WilliamsonMarist
Andrew StimmelMarquette University
Stephen BrundageMarquette University
Jake RichardMarquette University
Bo LoriMarquette University
Joe TurnerMars Mill
Jon ReynoldsMarymount University
Josh CoonsMaryville University
Tim O'BranskiMercer University
Kyle HannanMercer University
Chad SurmanMercer Unviersity
Ryan O'HaganMercyhurst
Jon ReynoldsMerymount University
Zach NedbalskiMethodist University
Duncan FitzgeraldMiddlebury College
Matt TrapaniMonmouth University
Andrew GeisonMonmouth University
Bill McCutcheonMonmouth University
Travis JohnsonNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Ryan WellnerNotre Dame
Kevin CorriganNotre Dame
Travis CraneOhio State University
Rick LewisOhio State University
John HoganPenn State
Jeff TambroniPenn State
Pete TonerPenn State
Joe BucciPenn State
John HausPenn State
Jim MitchellPrinceton University
Jeremy HirschPrinceton University
Matt FrancisProvidence College
Bubby BensonProvidence College
Casey EidenshinkQuinnipac University
Mason PoliQuinnipac University
Adrian Tork-OrbanRobert Morris University
Kris AlleyneRobert Morris University
Drew McMinnRobert Morris University
Brian BrechtRutgers University
John GormanRutgers University
Eric SeremetRutgers University
Jimmy RyanRutgers University
Chris DoctarSacred Heart
Noah CapronSt. Bonaventure University
Randy MearnsSt. Bonaventure University
Jason MillerSt. John’s University
Dan PaccioneSt. John’s University
Justin TurriSt. Johns University
Chris FisherSt. Johns University
Dan KeatingSt. Joseph's University
Mike ChanenchickStony Brook University
Anthony GilardiStony Brook University
JP BrazelStony Brook University
John DeskoSyracuse University
Dave PietramalaSyracuse University
Shawn NadeleuTowson University
Anthony GilardiTowson University
Steve GrossiTowson University
Matt MusciTowson University
Shawn NadelenTowson University
Neil HutchinsonUMBC
Jamison KoestererUMBC
Ryan MoranUMBC
Craig ChickUMBC
Kevin UntersteinUNC Chapel Hill
Joe BreschiUNC Chapel Hill
Kevin ConryUniversity of Michigan
Noah FossnerUniversity of Delaware
Matt RenkowskiUniversity of Delaware
Matt RewkowskiUniversity of Delaware
Trey WilkesUniversity of Delaware
Bill TierneyUniversity of Denver
John TillmanUniversity of Maryland
Jesse BernhardtUniversity of Maryland
Justin TurriUniversity of Michigan
Danny MurphyUniversity of Michigan
Kevin UntersteinUniversity of North Carolina
Joe BreschiUniversity of North Carolina
David MetzbowerUniversity of North Carolina
Gerry ByrneUniversity of Notre Dame
Matt KarweckUniversity of Notre Dame
Mike AbbottUniversity of Pennsylvania
Casey IkedaUniversity of Pensylvania
Dan ChemottiUniversity of Richmond
Paul RichardsUniversity of Richmond
John HoganUniversity of Richmond
Sean DoyleUniversity of Utah
Drew McMinnUniversity of Utah
Jake BernhardtUniversity of Vermont
Kip TurnerUniversity of Virginia
Sean KirwanUniversity of Virginia
Nick OsselloUS Air Force Academy
Doug MurrayUS Air Force Academy
Bill WilsonUS Air Force Academy
Joe AlbericiUS Military Academy / ARMY
Kyle GeorgalasUS Military Academy / ARMY
Justin WardUS Military Academy / ARMY
Rob CamposaUS Naval Academy / NAVY
Michael PhippsUS Naval Academy / NAVY
John OrsenUS Naval Academy / NAVY
Joe AmploUS Naval Academy / NAVY
Rick SowellUS Naval Academy / NAVY
Simon ConnorVillanova University
Chris MillerVillanova University
Michael CorradoVillanova University
Kevin DohertyVMI
James PurpuraVMI
Miky HerringVMI
Marc ZolchonackWagner University
Daniel CrottyWagner University
Andrew BaxterYale University
Andy ShayYale University
Andrew StimmelYale University
Ed WilliamsYale University
Divison II Schools
Matt LedonAnderson University
Will UrbanBelmont Abby College
Joe PerruzziBelmont Abbey College
Phil GerberCatawba College
Evan MerrillDavis & Olkins College
Cam EppleDeSales University
Matthew BrencaccioDeSales University
Brian FrankEmbry-Riddle Aeronaticual University
Brian DuncanFlagger College
Mark FreyFlorida Southern College
Matt MaccarioFlorida Southern College
Shuan EwertFlorida Southern College
Zach WynneFlorida Tech University
Brad MacArthurFlorida Tech University
Steve GartelmanFrostburg State
Brian LaneGordon College
Alec SernsstedtGrove City College
Mark FreyGuilford College
Scott BarnardHamilton
Sam AshtonLake Erie College
David SalterLander University
Ryan CromptonLenoir-Ryhne University
Tommy HebererLenoir-Rhyne University
Peter PapaleontiLimestone College
Kevin ReismanLimestone College
Kendall ColliusLimestone College
Joe WilsonLincoln Memorial
Scott StarkLindenwood University
Griffin FeinerLynn University
Brian KingsburyLynn University
Mark MillerLynn University
Nate MalinowskiMisericordia
Dave CastyMoravian University
Bill DunnNew York Tech
Marcus WillusOhio Northern University
Logan TousawOhio Wesleyan University
Logan TousawOhio Wesleyan University
Ryan MckayPiedmont University
Jackson MumfordRhodes College
Chris LewisRollins College
Mike SciamannaSaint Anselm College
Mason HoelinSewanee
Mike MooreSewanee
Nick DiBernardoSewanee
Connor BishopShenandoah University
Mike RastroSt. Joes University
David DobbinsSt. John Fisher University
Mike PerrinoSt. John Fisher University
Chad MarionSt. Leo University
Joe CilloSt. Vincent
Richard CarringtonTusculum University
Connor DoyleUAH
Asutin GrimesUindy University
Bill GorrowUNC Greensboro
Drew DelaneyUniversity of Mary Washington
Connor DoyleUniversity of Montevallo
Jason LangeUniversity of Montevello
Thatcher ClarkUniversity of Mount Olive
Grey StocksUniversity of Indianapolis
Scott BrambleUniversity of Tampa
Ryan SullivanUniversity of Tampa
Ryan StowWestminister College
Joe KerwinWestminster College
Jake GabrieleYoung Harris College
Sean WoodsAmherst College
Anthony AccardiAllegheny College
Evan BohnerArcadia University
Jeffrey HandmanBarton College
Peter LasagnaBates College
Curtis GilbertBerry College
Kevin McKeownBinghamton University
Jason ArchbellBowdoin College
Bill MasonBowdoin College
Landon ToutBridgewater College
Jordan DrumhellerBridgewater College
Jack CrawfordBryn Athyn College
Kyle TuckerCabrini University
Paul MitaCabrini University
AJ SmithCapital University
Matthew TorrenceCarthage College
Jon SaxCatholic University
Kevin McDonoughChatham University
Phil DodsonChatham University
Andy MeyersChristopher Newport University
Miky ThompsonChristopher Newport University
Zach ThomasChristopher Newport University
Ian FarleyColby College
Sean WoodsColorado College
Mike HorowitzColorado College
Steve BevilleCortland University
Jared KadenDe Sales University
Maiah BartlettDenison University
Ryan RhodeDension University
Christian KlipsteinDickinson College
Nolan SachsDickinson College
Peter DonleyDickinson College
Doug SageDrew University
Jason GraceEarlham College
Matt JusticeEastern University
Aaran LeedsFerrum College
Joey SevernsFranklin & Marshall College
T.C. DibatoloGettysburg College
Dylan HoffGettysburg College
Pete ToruerGettysburg College
Joe PilleGoucher College
Alec JernstedtGrove City College
Dave DalyGuilford College
Billy CameronHampden-Sydeny College
Kevin LergHartwick College
Nick TaylorHaverford
Nathan SnitzHood College
Torin VarnIthica College
Clay ArnoldJuniata College
Thomas KlosowskiKenyon College
Jermey FroschLindenwood
Shane WilsonManhatanville College
Vince LodatoMarymount University (VA)
Keith EukerMcDaniel College
Mason HoehnMcDaniel College
Nate BabcockMcDaniel College
T.C DuBartoloMcDaniel College
Nick KellingerMount St. Mary's
Tom GraunizMount St. Mary's
Eric HoltMount St. Marys
Troy HuefeleNazareth College
Marcus WillisOhio Northern University
Scott SingerOhio Wesleyan University
J.B. SheridanRandolph-Macon College
Jake CoonRIT
Matthew LintnerRoanoke
Chris LewisRollins College
Justin AxelSalisbury University
Jim BerkmanSalisbury University
Kyle GallagherSalisbury University
Justin AxelSalisbury University
Drew BarkowiczSalisbury University
Ryon LynchSpringfield College
Stefan SlomaSt. Lawrence University
Duke ChildsSt. Mary’s College of MD
Tommy RinderSt. Mary's College of MD
Justin GordonSt. Mary’s College of MD
Kevin StockelStevens Institute of Tech
Patrick TuomyStevens Institute of Tech
Paul CantabeneStevenson University
Tim PulsStevenson University
Paul CantabeneStevenson University
Justin ManjaresSuny Maritime Colllege
Luke FranklinSusquehana
Pat GressSwarthmore College
Sam WassonSwarthmore College
Lou HarrisonSwarthmore College
Connor BishopSwarthmore College
Troy HumphreyMuhlenberg
Steve KoudelkaUniversity of Lynchburg
Jon LombardoUniversity of Lynchburg
Colin McGuireUniversity of Lynchburg
Evan CombardoUniversity of Lynchburg
Brian StewartUniversity of Mount Union
Andrew HaukUniversity of Scranton
Peter DeSimoneUrsinus College
Lelan RogersUtica University
Andrew NicolVassar College
Todd RichardsonWabash College
Alex SkuarchWalsh University
Taylor MendozaWashington & Lee
Bennett CordWashington College
John NostrantWashington College
John RabaWesleyan University
Cole PeeoraWesleyan University
Kevin KustrankWashington & Jefferson College
Gene McCabeWashington & Lee University
Bill GorrowWesley College
Jamie LockardWidener University
Connor SamuelsonWilliams College
Devin SamuelsonWilliams College
Will ForrestalWilliam Peace University
Seth GrimwoodWingate University
Joe TurnerWingate University
Brandon ChildsYork College of PA
Hugh DonovanYork College of PA
Matt WitcherYork College of PA
Joe StanilawAnne Arundel CC
Ned WebsterCal-Berkley
Tim KingEssex County College
Aaron VerardiHartford CC
Michael WilliamsMillbrook Prep
Nick BellThe Taft School

Policies, Rules, & Regulations

Player Eligibility 

  1. All players must compete in the division with the class they were in during the 2022-2023 Academic year.
  2. Players can always play up a division but not down. Regardless if a player will repeat in the future or plans to do a Post Graduate year, he must play with in the Division in which his class would graduate.
  3. Players can only play for one team during the tournament.
  4. Only players who are registered and appear on team submitted roster are permitted to play in tournament.
  5. Players enrolling in a Post Graduate year may play in the “oldest” Division the tournament offers, with proof of enrollment.

2023 NCAA Rules and Regulations

Game Rules

  • 2024 division will play with an NCAA shot clock
  • 2025 – 2030 divisions – Referees discretion to impose a 30 second count (“Timer On”) and require a shot on goal if it is determined a team is stalling
  • No Dives


  • Faceoff personnel must have color tape
  • SNG: Stand-Up Neutral Grip

Game Time

  • Last 2 minutes of game is stop time 
  • Penalty time is stop time, always
  • Time (penalty, game, half) will be kept at the score table
  • Each team has 2 timeouts per game (Clock stops)


  • Monday: Two 22-minute running halves
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Four 12-minute running quarters


  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 22-minute running halves



  • 1 – 4 minute overtime period. If no one scores, game will end in a tie
  • Each team has 1 timeout in overtime. Clock stops

Tuesday & Wednesday

  • 1 continuous untimed period until there is a winner
  • Each team has 1 timeout in overtime

Any player, fan or coach ejected from the game will be prohibited from competing in his/her team’s next game. Decisions on the field will be the final ruling. Any fighting or flagrant disrespect toward an official will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament. No Exceptions, No Refunds.


2024-2027 (High School)

High School teams will play 2 games on Monday. Each Division has a selection committee who will watch the teams play. The committee will then seed their respective divisions. All teams will be seeded in the Championship Bracket that begins play on Tuesday morning. Most teams will play at least 3 games on Tuesday. Teams who receive a first-round bye may only play 2 games on Tuesday if they lose their first or second game. 

Championships will occur on Wednesday starting at 12:00 pm and occurring every 2 hours until last game starts at 6:00 pm. Any team that does not play in all scheduled games will not be invited to attend Naptown the following year.  All teams are expected to participate in all games on Tuesday, regardless of Championship bracket outcome.

2028-2030 (Youth)

Youth teams will be placed in Pools prior to the start of play. On Monday teams will participate in Pool games. All teams will then be seeded at the end of pool play on Monday. All teams will be seeded in the Championship Bracket that starts play on Tuesday morning with the Championship game played on Wednesday morning at Annapolis HS.

Pool Seeding (Youth Teams)

In the case of ties in the final standings for pool play, the following process will be used until all ties are broken and the seeding process is completed (ties will be broken in rank order beginning with the first procedure). If more than two teams are tied for a pool seed, once one team is removed from the tie, the seeding criteria reverts to the beginning of the procedure for the remaining teams tied.

Tie Breaker Procedure:

  1. Head to Head.
  2. Record vs Team(s) tied with.
  3. Total goals against teams tied with, only games involving teams tied with.
  4. Goal differential with teams tied with (goal differential will not exceed +/- 7 per game).
  5. Total goals against versus common opponents.
  6. Goal differential versus common opponents (goal differential will not exceed +/- 7 per game).
  7. Goals against overall.
  8. Goal differential overall.
  9. Coin flip.

Any 2028-2030 team that plays 4 games on Monday, the 4th game will not count toward their pool play record, GA, GD. The game does count for their opponent.

Divisional Seeding (Youth Teams):

Divisional seeding will follow below criteria after pool seeding is determined.

  1. Seed in pool
  2. Overall Record
  3. Goals Against Average
  4. Goal Differential (goal differential will not exceed +/- 7 per game).

Weather Policy

In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, the tournament director reserves the right to: 

  • Reduce game times in order to catch up with schedule.
  • Finish games before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions. 
  • Reschedule games, if possible. 
  • Convert tournament to a “festival” format without playoffs or championships to provide the majority of teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible. 

Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the website. However, weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather and fields are playable. 
The directors of, LLC reserve the right to cancel, shorten, or reschedule tournament games due to inclement weather, poor field conditions, or player and fan safety concerns. No refunds will be granted if these actions are necessary. Field directors will communicate game changes. Schedule changes will be available at the Administration Tent and online at

Thunder/Lightning Policy 

If thunder or lightning is observed play will be suspended immediately and players and fans will be asked to leave the fields to return to cars. Play will be allowed to resume 20 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning is observed which will be determined by the tournament medical staff. Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time. Subsequent games will begin immediately after preceding games. These games may consist of one 30 minute running time period until games are back on schedule. Once games are back on schedule they will revert to “normal” tournament game time procedures.

2023 Cancellation & Refund Policy

Teams that cancel by May 1, 2023:

Option 1: Receive 90% refund (minus 10% administrative fee).

Option 2: Defer payment to 2024 Naptown National Challenge.

Teams that cancel on or after May 1, 2023:

Canceling due to team’s decision: No refunds will be issued.

HoganLax Header 1.1
2023 Champion
Annapolis Hawks
2024 Champion
Legacy Taz
2025 Champion
Madlax Nationals
HoganLax Header 1.1
2026 Champion
Sweetlax Fla
2027 Champion
BBL National
2028 Champion
Annapolis Hawks
2029 Champion
Madlax Nationals
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