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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be food vendors on site?

Yes, we will have food vendors, smoothies, and various other food vendors depending on the site your team is assigned.  No grilling in permitted at any of our sites.

Are dogs permitted?

Not at schools

Yes at parks on a leash

Dogs are NOT permitted on any school sites we hold events.

  • Summer Exposure: South River, Annapolis, and Broadneck Schools
  • Bay Bridge: Queen Anne’s High School
  • Hogan’s Hershey: Central Dauphin East

All other sites dogs are permitted as long as they are on a leash.  

How are the Divisions determined?

Each Coach or Program Director, the person who registers the team, determines the Division a team will play in.  If we feel the Division selected is inappropriate we will reach out to the person who registered the team and have a discussion.  We, HoganLax, do not select Divisions.