Employment Opportunities

Work HoganLax Events!

Once you complete the form below, you will be redirected to a confirmation page.  This confirmation page contains 2 required staff forms, a W9 and an Independent Contractor Agreement.  Once all forms have been completed, we will reach out to you via phone or email about opportunities. We will then assign you to a tournament and a position. You can not be assigned to tournament and position until your documents are complete.  If you wish to reach out to us please call the office: 410-273-3501 for Sarah Digby or email at sarah@hoganlax.com.

Type of Work
Tourney Staff - Works the day of the tournament only: timekeepers, parking, etc | Roadie: Helps set up and break down our events 1-2 days before event | Both - If you want to be part of Roading and Tourney Staff